Hey homies whose going to nycc?

  1. fitzsimmonsofshield said: oh wow that’s some hella good art, nice work!
  1. winjennster said: SO. MUCH. TALENT.

Aww shucks guys thank uuuu <3

Big changes over on my art portfolio blog, check it out!


This might not be like, thrilling news for you guys, since this summer hasn’t been riddled with awesome updates, but there are only 25 days to New York Comic Con and as of today I’m doubling down and getting my crap in order, AKA building the best portfolio I can.

This means there are unlikely to be new pages until after Comic Con. BUT after Comic Con I plan to push the comic to the forefront of my daily tasks and try to wrap Part II by the end of the year (don’t worry, there’s a Part III and probably even Part IV!). So there should be more updates in November and December.

I’ve been doing pretty good on my Paprika story daily wordcount so I probably won’t even have to slow down for NaNoWriMo this year.

To make up for the lack of updates, I’ll do my best to keep you guys in the loop on what I’m working on with my portfolio.

Wish me luck!

naoisestrider replied to your post: I’ve already fallen so deeply in love …

I need to get caught up D: I’ve been worried about watching it, but you’re opinion on things is always pretty trustworthy, so.

I am ALL ABOUT IT. For the first time catching up doesn’t feel like a chore. I’m actually really excited for each new week and the characters are having some time to breathe and it’s not ALL ABOUT WHAT A GREAT MAN the Doctor is in fact that kind of talk makes him REALLY squirmy

Oh. Homies. Because I finally joined the cool kids in getting a smartphone, I have an Instagram too. Check me ouuuuuut


I WISH there was room in the current comic for 12 to appear because 12 plus Dean would be…. wow that would be magical.

But BELIEVE me there is no room for 12. However if I ever get to make the sequel comic you can bet money he’ll be in it.

I WISH there was room in the current comic for 12 to appear because 12 plus Dean would be…. wow that would be magical.

I’ve already fallen so deeply in love with Capaldi’s Doctor and I’m actually EXCITED to watch Doctor Who again I have so many emotions right now I just CAN’T okay?!?!

angelakahl replied to your post: am i in vermont yetnowhy not

Well, obviously you didn’t run out of paprika yet.Sorry. Not actually sorry. XD

this is true my need is not yet urgent

Anonymous asked:
Are you gonna try and pick up some paprika while in Vermont?

It is legitimately a possibility and if I do I’m posting pictures

am i in vermont yet


why not


Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

Watched New Doctor Who!


WOW I really needed a break from 11 by the end and Capaldi is such a breath of fresh air (also awesomely reminiscent of 9 who as you all know I’m VERY fond of).

Also Danny Pink is a BABE.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the first two episodes (especially Into The Dalek wow WOW) and watching the show didn’t feel like a chore for the first time in a long time.

And Clara’s finally showing some gumption. GOOD.

Basically, I dig it! Looking forward to new episodes for once!

The ultimate question. Will catching up on Doctor Who make me feel better or worse about this crappy day? Hmmmm….