"If you wanna go after somebody, you make sure that they got black eyes. Gotta know who the real monsters are in this world.”

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Ok fine, you win. John was an asshole

can we just start using john winchester as a meme for shitty dads in general?

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It’s All About Freedom From Responsibility (10x01)


So, in Black (10x01), we see Dean being a demon for the first time truly. Dean being a Deanmon, if you will. And you’d think Dean would be under Crowley’s thumb. Think he’d agree to what Crowley wanted from him, wanting him to be his right-hand-man in hell. But do you know what he did?


Do you know why?


Because Dean doesn’t want responsibility.


All his life, Dean has had responsibilities thrusted upon him. As a child, he had to console his mother whenever his father left them for days. When his mother died, he was tasked with raising his brother. John Winchester beat the idea of responsibility into Dean’s head until it was second nature to him.


Even during his adult life, Dean had always been responsible. Responsible for making sure his father was okay. Responsible for saving Sam and making sure he’s alive. Responsible as the leader of Team Free Will, responsible as the Righteous Man. Dean is always the one to keep everyone together, to fix all the problems, to save the day. Dean was the glue that was keeping everyone together.


However, once the Mark turned him into a demon, he rid himself of his responsibilities. He ran from them.


I’m sure the Mark has a bit to do with how he’s been acting. It’s been taking over slowly but surely, but for much of what’s going on, I feel Dean’s lack of responsibility is the major reason why Dean is doing what he’s doing.


For the first time in his life, he had a taste of having no responsibilities. And now he’s scared of them. Dean is scared to go back to the Atlas-esque weight that comes with the responsibilities. He’s scared of once again failing the people he loves. He’s scared of putting himself in the spot of leader because the pressures are too high and he doesn’t want them back, knowing what it is like to not have them at all.


This is a time for him to be a kid, an immature idiot, the kind of person he was never allowed to be, and he never wants to stop. He’s been stunted because of his lack of a childhood, and until someone can knock sense into Dean, he’s not going to want to leave his pseudo-happy place any time soon.


fairy-roses-and-tardis-blue asked:
Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? This is my first time doing it and I was hoping for some tips...?

I’m probably not, just because I’ve got a few projects in pretty good motion already and I don’t want to go on another comic hiatus.

Tips for NaNo….Hmm….

I would say write fast and sloppy. Like just get that first draft out instead of focusing on nitpicking and making things perfect as you go. You’ll have to do a lot of revision but you’re a lot less likely to hit writer’s block that way. Just…do not slow down basically.

But at the same time, be healthy, and don’t burn yourself out. Like…making the end word count shouldn’t be your biggest goal. NaNo is a great tool for building discipline and racking up word counts but if it gets too stressful, just remember it’s not the end of the world if you don’t “win.” You’ll still have a crap ton of words you didn’t have before.

ALSO inside advice from when I worked in a lit agency: If you’re thinking of submitting something, do NOT do it in December. Agencies and publishers get flooded with hastily-finished first drafts and they do not like it. Make sure you take time to revise once November’s over.

That’s all I got! Feel free to chime in with tips if you have any, ducks!

And good luck babe! Have fun! <3


thanks to bumblebea933 a comic idea was hatched

THE NEW EP CLIP LOOKS SO PROMISING!! dean is such a butthole

Anonymous asked:
I know this isn't t the main topic of this blog...but uh, Since you can't reveal the whole script or probably the whole play it self to the internet, do you think you can upload more clips of "Jacks and the Fourth Wall"?

Hmmm….i shall consider it :) it may take time though bc the video files on my comp are a hot mess XD

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people who reblog that quote from demon!dean blaming sam for mary’s death and tagging it with ‘finally’ and ‘i love you’ are pieces of shit who belong in the trash can and i’m going to unfollow everyone who reblogs stuff from these people because idc it’s gross and disgusting 

Just my two cents on this…I thought “finally” in the sense of finally Dean’s not pretending he doesn’t have all these dark and terrible thoughts. It’s horrible that Sam has to hear them, and Mary’s death wasn’t his fault. But it’s important for Dean to stop lying about the fact that he blames Sam, because I don’t think he can grow as a person until he acknowledges that he’s holding onto these awful things. His aggression will keep coming out in sharp, nasty ways that he brushes under the rug if he doesn’t move past it, and Sam will keep being hurt.

For people that were reblogging this in a “finally Sam is being blamed” sort of way though…stahp. O_o

wisepuma23 asked:
okay, what I love about demon!dean is that everyone expected that the show would write that Dean would turn into a demon (period). But, lo and behold the writers wrote demon!dean as he was meant to be written demon /dean/, as in a demon with all of dean's doubts and secret thoughts revealed with no filter. He's still Dean through and through, and I really love that so much, and if this version of Dean has no filters about his unvoiced thoughts then how will he react to Castiel now?

They’re handling Demon Dean better than I expected in my wildest dreams. He really is Dean. Dean at the end of his rope and without all the guilt that made him censor himself before. Like. It’s so perfect. From the writers and especially from Jensen. Like did you SEE that microexpression of sheer panic when Sam leaves the room in the preview clip? He was in so much pain before the demon transformation that he’s terrified of going back.

And Sam’s wrong: It’s all Dean talking, and just saying all the worst things Dean’s ever thought. Sam did suck the life out of his life. Granted that’s partially on Dean, partially on John, and it’s not like Sam didn’t try to let Dean live his life, but it’s still so tragically true. Dean has lived such a torturous existence for so long, no wonder he’s terrified to go back to it.

I think interacting with Cas could go one of two ways. He’ll either lash out and try to drive Cas away (because he knows Cas will try to save him no matter what) or he won’t have anything cruel to say. Because I do think that Dean forgave Cas in Purgatory, but he still hasn’t really forgiven Sam. If he does lash out at Cas he’ll be lying to protect himself.

I can’t wait Demon Dean is so fascinating ugh.


OK so I can’t be the only person who was a little bit sceptical when Jared said (at Torcon) that Gadreel talked in iambic pentameter (“I bet he just talks in iambs but not in petameter,” I thought) (OH MAN I AM SUCH A GEEK) - but turns out I was being unfair. He only does it in Holy Terror and Road Trip, the two episodes where Gadreel’s true identity has been revealed: but all the lines above are taken from those episodes and all of them are lines of iambic pentameter (there are more but the gifset was getting too long).

[Hopefully this explanatory section isn’t too obnoxious, as everybody everywhere in the world has to do Shakespeare at school (and why not, he’s awesome) so you probably know this; but in case you needed your memory jogged:

Poetry written in iambic pentameter is written in lines of five two-syllable feet (called ‘iambs’). The first syllable is unstressed and the second syllable is stressed: for example, the word ‘comPARE’ makes up an iamb because in natural English speech you stress the second syllable. Shakespeare uses this metre a lot, e.g. ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’.

In the gifs I’ve put stressed syllables in red. If you read the lines stressing those syllables, you should find that fits with the natural cadence of the words.

Jared’s performance of the lines doesn’t always stress those syllables with complete regularity - for example, he says ‘But Metatron, would that not make YOU God?’ - but that’s just good reading. If everybody read iambic pentameter with repetitive, exaggerated emphasis it would sound really boring and unnatural. OK, end of English class!]


Oh my god, this is everything this fandom was talking about.

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My blog has turned into "Hannah as bff sister 2014 and I have no regrets"

I love how we’re all so aggressively like sister she’s his SISTER SHE’S HIS SISTER ISN’T IT CUTE bc we can’t deal with the alternative but we still think they’re really cute XD