This is my new helper!
What should I name him?

This is my new helper!

What should I name him?

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Posted on Thursday, 21 February
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  1. superwholockengers-us reblogged this from superwholockthecomic and added:
    jeremy you should name him jeremy
  2. gymlockerchasm answered: Benji
  3. asimplepyro answered: Francois!!
  4. sophiethevaliant answered: What do you think about Comic Relief? :)
  5. shrubbyprincess said: He looks like a Dr. Honeycomb.
  6. thereareangels answered: oliver wood :)
  7. kerrschtein answered: balthy. or bobby.
  8. raggd0ll answered: Jeffery
  9. zydratesupportnetwork answered: Jimmy
  10. moonpiefsn said: frederick
  11. rlpaperadventures answered: Welendyr the Useless, because seriously, they can’t even sit down properly.
  12. sh1blet answered: Diego
  13. lareinecanadienne answered: Ivan! And I liek your eyes.
  14. assbutts-in-bowler-hats answered: their faces always remind me of owls.
  15. the-mad-daniel-z answered: Boris
  16. zeus-god-of-awesome answered: Frederic.
  17. ipraytocastielmoved answered: Jeffrey.
  18. blooodymoon said: or Phil
  19. life-is-all-about-perspective answered: Hairlock, comes from the malazan book of the fallen series. It’s the name of a sorcerer whose soul gets stuck in a puppet.
  20. warpdebris answered: Ezio or Mario. Something Italian.
  21. thezohar answered: Destiel.
  22. mirapup answered: Jack
  23. fitzsimmonsofshield answered: Name him Destiel! or Barrymore!
  24. ask-one-eyed-allfather answered: Fredrick.
  25. thezohar said: Destiel
  26. good-night-sweetheart answered: Henry! ^_^
  27. thetardisbabe answered: Sexy
  28. starkktastic answered: sherlock
  29. scottish-terrier-tea reblogged this from superwholockthecomic and added:
    Looks like a Melville to me :)
  30. laughter-silvered-wings answered: ALFIE!
  31. messismystuff answered: Fred, you should call him Fred
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