So I’m almost at 3,000 followers and I think I might do a giveaway

What kinds of prizes would you guys be interested in?

(not counting like professional bound copies that’s not an option yet)

I’m open for ideas!

(clarification: preferably something I could make and not spend a lot of money on I’m not exactly swimming the waters of happy finances)

Whachoo want?

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Posted on Friday, 29 March
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  1. mynameisriversong answered: Give me an autographed copy of a Doctor Who page in this thing (if 11 comes up I would love that) um I mean we fans not me haha yeah thats…
  2. randommindtime said: Being draw into the comic would be wonderful! And maybe the promise of a copy of the comic, printed, when it’s done?
  3. ensumas answered: As a lot of people already mentioned, I think a cameo in the comic would be lovely.
  4. cynics-and-romantics answered: I’m not sure if anyone’s suggested this yet but a huge poster would be cool :) x
  5. thejedikitteh answered: a guest cameo in the comic maybe?
  6. paintbrushappreciation answered: A drawing of whatever they chose as long as it’s something to do with superwholock (and not, like, smut or whatever )
  7. thereareangels answered: maybe offer to draw something specific from the superwholock fandom that won’t be in the main comic? like a special side comic just for them?
  8. fandomnist answered: The title page, printed out on nice paper, autographed?
  9. sobrietymoose said: If you do have a giveaway, how about a comission? A picture or two of some awesome Superwholock. How about that?
  10. taggedy said: You could let the winner select an au for the characters to appear in and draw a piece for that au :) or even a comic page
  11. buttbiscuit answered: original sketches and/or custom comic as designed by the winner but drawn by you?
  12. chickendipz answered: I’d be extremely happy with just a picture of SuperWhoLock :)
  13. iambadattitles answered: How about a special piece of art…like a custom piece?
  14. fitzsimmonsofshield answered: LET SOMEONE DICTATE THE PLOT OF A SIDECOMIC?
  15. isaldaria answered: Draw something by request of the winner? Maybe a portrait of one of the characters?
  16. rainbowsbutterfliesncannibalism answered: Maybe Little chibi’s of the Superwholock gang! Or Fandom inspired chibi’s?
  17. erihan answered: a drawing signed by you?
  18. the-doors-are-closed said: You should print out a limited edition superwholock comic for them, or you could give them a role in the comic?
  19. ihnasarima answered: I second the winner-gets-a-cameo-appearance, if it will fit within the plot to do so :)
  20. koujak-ass answered: ooh i like the idea stated already that including the winner as an extra in the comic..othewrise something fanart/poster?
  21. direvvolfe answered: I think you should include (as an extra) the person who wins in the comic. Did that make sense?
  22. thezohar said: You could buy some merch for the winner online? Like set a price limit(you might WAT to include shipping) and let the winner pick out something from a merch shop/etsy/whatever.
  23. bravelittletaylor answered: Anything that symbolizes one of the fandoms without screaming THIS IS SUPERNATURAL MERCH. Like stuff only other fans would recognize. :)
  24. loveablegeek answered: mug?
  25. one-hellofa-fangirl answered: I would like a poster-like thing of your comic.
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